Tile Rider

Tile Rider is a fresh action and adventure game from newcomers 7 Soft Pillows. The game is exclusive to Windows Phone and features the main character getting sucked into his device to fend off some baddies. That's certainly a different plot!

Evidently the game's engine is a custom job, and I have to admit that the graphics are quite gorgeous to look at when playing. Tile Rider is made by two men over the last two years, at least according to their Tweet. The game is also on Windows Phone first, as the 7 Soft Pillows considers that their main focus for development.

Tile Rider plays like a combination racer + action + puzzler in that you have to navigate each level from start to finish. The action and puzzles come in on the advanced levels where sometimes you have to fight off enemies, often using the environment around you in a similar style to Portal (e.g. pushing floor buttons to activate guns). The first few levels are super easy though they're mostly tutorials. I rather like the pointer/arrow that shows the trajectory of your vehicle, as it comes in handy when you need to navigate dangerous objects.

Tile Rider is certainly a fun game and the graphics are truly unique. As a fun trick, make sure you tilt your phone back and forth, and you should see the game's world peek out in a neat gyroscope effect. Tile Rider goes for $1.99, which isn't cheap, but there is a free trial, so you are more than welcome to give it a run to see if you think it's worth it.

Grab the game and let me know if it's a yay or nay! Also, make sure you see my hands on video and watch the game trailer too.

Via: WPScoops

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