Is it time to start the deathwatch on Sprint? They've had nothing but bad news lately. Xohm, their 4G, WiMAX-based network is still in a sort of “coming soon” limbo, given that nobody is really sure whether or not their new CEO intends to keep it. They're also on the verge of They have already started hemorrhaging subscribers - the number of their customers who plan to switch and who are unhappy with their customer service are both off the charts. Now we hear this:

Wireless phone company Sprint Nextel Corp. said Friday it plans to slash 4,000 jobs and close 125 retail locations to gird itself for an expected slowdown in subscriber growth and revenue.
Shares in the company, which has been struggling to keep up with rivals AT&T Wireless and Verizon Wireless, fell 26 percent in midday trading. -

That's 6 different kinds of bad news. It's a real pity, too, because we still think that Sprint has the best plans around as far as data and SMS rates go. ...But that hasn't stopped them from losing 683,000 (that's six hundred eighty three thousand) subscribers last quarter.

We jokingly claimed that Sprint is going to lose their spot in the carrier size rankings to Alltel soon and that Alltel might just have to buy them out. That's looking less like a joke and more like a premonition right now.

So, Sprint customers: will you go down with the ship or jump off?