Time Sync for Windows Phone

A short time ago, we took a quick look at the Windows Phone app Time Sync. Time Sync is a world time app that helps you keep track of the current time in various parts of the world. As more Windows Phone users began to give the time app a try, a few stability issues were identified that caused Time Sync to crash.

Time Sync's developer picked up on the issues, in part from your comments, and began working on an update that has recently passed certification. Version 1.1 takes care of the bugs that caused the app to crash. It also adds a City list reorder feature. This new feature allows you to sort the cities you monitor to your liking.

Time Sync

Now here's the catch. If you haven't had any issues with stability, the app will update just like any other app that is on your Windows Phone. If you have experienced issues with Time Sync crashing, you're going to have to reinstall Time Sync.  The instability, as we understand it, was caused on some Windows Phones having more or renamed time zones. When the app first runs it registers those time zones and when Time Sync didn't recognize these additional or renamed zones, it crashed.

Because that registration process has already taken place on devices that experienced the crashing (plus there's been some changes in how Time Sync calculates things), you need to start from scratch so all time zones are recognized.

Time Sync is a handy little app for keeping track of world times. It's always nice to see developers jump on issues and fix problems. If you haven't tried Time Sync, it's a free app that you can find here at the Windows Phone Store.

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