Time Travel

While Timehop (timehop.com) is a popular app for Android and iOS to have a quick glance at your social posts an year or so ago, it's not available for Windows Phone yet. The app allows you to check out your old photos, check-ins, and photos for that whiff of nostalgia. Developed by a hobbyist Indian developer, Time Travel ! (yes, the exclamation is awkwardly placed) is a similar app for Windows Phone. The app lets you have a glance on what you did on social networks on this exact day, years ago.

Time Travel

The app supports Facebook, Instagram, and Foursquare and allows you to go back to a year or more. The app indicates that Twitter support is coming soon. Some of the features require you to upgrade to the paid version for $1.

Once you set up your accounts, you'd need to allow the app to run in the background for a couple of hours to fetch your data.

While the app works for what it is, the UI is pretty basic. The ads are overwhelming and annoying, with prompts for a giveaway as well as request for five-star rating. In one of the messages, I was told that if there are no updates, that's because I have no activities, and I was 'expected' to give a five-star rating. A little intuitive user experience and helpful message would help.

Time Travel ! is a great idea although not the best implementation. Of course, future updates could take care of these minor niggles. Give it a whirl, and let us know how you like it.

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