Tiny Troopers

Miss getting those Xbox achievements on your Windows Phone? Well Tiny Troopers from Game Troopers is looking to fix that today with its launch on Windows Phone.

Available for low-memory Windows Phones, the game comes after developer Game Troopers announced that a handful of its game would be added as Xbox enabled games on Windows Phone. Size doesn't matter for these tiny men. Tiny Troopers has 30 missions that take you through its narrative-driven campaign. It features intuitive controls, sweet visuals, and a unique sense of humor.

You take control of 3 different tiny troopers as you destroy enemies, blow up structures, and escort journalists to safety. As you complete these missions, your troops will become stronger, and you will unlock better equipment.

If campaigns aren't your thing, Tiny Troopers also features a waved based survival mode called Zombies. Upon looking, I did find the ability to buy Command Points, which will help you unlock better weapons and support.

The game also features 20 achievements that can be unlocked for a total of 200 gamerscore. So what are you waiting for, go grab Tiny Troopers now because it is FREE!

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

QR: Tiny Troopers