So here's a real oldie but goodie that goes back years

If you ever just wanted to plug your WM device into a computer to perhaps charge it or just use as a card reader but not sync with ActiveSync, then this freebie app is for you.  (You know what we're talking about, even if you don't "sync" with server it still goes through that dumb connection process.)

ActiveSync Toggle does just that: you run it and hit the "disable it" button and poof, it unloads AS from your system.  But the best part is with one-click you can just as easily re-enable AS (other freeware apps make it more difficult).

I've used this app personally for years, but the company that actually made it stopped distributing it for awhile, so it was hard to find.  But alas, the internets makes it easier to find things, so here ya go.  Now it goes without saying this won't work with Vista and WMDC, but at least that is a little easier to manage.  Get the app here via FileDropper and thanks to red_hanks at XDA for bringing this back to our attention.  Also, see out "permanent Guest Mode" tweak for ActiveSync as well.