When it comes to Microsoft’s Xbox Music, it’s certainly a work in progress. Setting up a globally competitive, all-in-one, music streaming and shopping service is certainly no small task. The service itself sports one of the largest collections of music, giving users the ability to stream or buy songs with one or two clicks. But what if your favorite band or album is not available?

Luckily, there’s an easy trick for telling Microsoft exactly what they are missing, giving them the ability to focus resources on getting that selection.

The tool is available on the web version of Xbox Music (music.xbox.com) and not, as far as we can tell, in the Windows 8 or Windows Phone apps just yet. To get to it, tap the upper right hand corner, where you login name should appear. From there, choose the ‘Request missing content’ feature, which will then bring up a small form to fill in, including artist, album, song or label.

While using the tool won’t necessarily result in the song or album becoming available, it’s a neat little feedback gizmo that can hopefully make things better in the long run. Hammering our licensing deals, especially across the planet, is one heck of a project.

We haven’t found too many artists that aren’t on Xbox Music, but what about you? What’s your top missing band that you can’t stream today?

Thanks for the tip, Grant H!