Okay, this one is for all you folks out there who own a Windows Mobile Pro device that doesn't have the word "Treo" on the front (since those lucky ducks have it built in). I doubt it works for Standard :-( -- but would love it somebody could prove me wrong in the comments.

Basically, this little trick from no2chem and stroths at PPCgeeks (stroths is also a huge contributor here at 'Experts) will change your default and lumpy 10% battery increments to the much more accurate and cool 1%.

So basically instead of going from 80% battery down to 70%, you can see your precious battery trickle away at 77%, 76%, etc. w00t?

It works on the Touch and Mogul definitely and probably other WM devices. Since it's a .cab installer, if there are any problems you should be able to just un-install under your Remove Programs area. Post any feedback below and 'no' it does not consume more battery power, though you may be much more aware of your levels now!

Personally, this was one of my favorite features on the WM 7xx series as I really dig exact battery measurements (relatively)--now if we can do something about those pitiful 25% increments on Standard, eh?