Some people in our forums aren't too happy with the seemingly extra step to launch an Email in WM6 i.e. where that "Delete" left key is now, there used to reside the "New" key.

While I'm not sure how to actually change that key to something different, there is another alternate solution (actually dozens! but we'll just do one): create a shortcut link to a New Email/Sms.

Read on to find out how!

To do this, you just create a link to "tmail.exe" found in \Windows. I use Resco Explorer.

  • Find the "tmail.exe"
  • Select "Properties" (Menu --> File --> Properties)
  • Shortcut Tab
  • Edit Target
  • Add "mailto:" (no quotes) to the command line

It should look like this: "Windows\tmail.exe" mailto:

Creating such a link will bring you to an Account selector, where you can choose your new message.

Want to get more sophisticated, like creating a new email from your Outlook account with the subject "Hey there" automatically addressed to Bob? Here are those parameters which should work:

Other optional parameters that can be added (leave out the "mailto:" part though and go in this order):

  • -to ""
  • -subject "Insert subject here"
  • -service "Name of Account" (

Then throw the link to your Start Menu or use your favorite launcher. I've attached a pre-made link in this post here, for those less inclined.

Not sure if this works on every WM device out there, so post some feedback or your solutions!