Confession: we love cool GPS apps here at WME.

This little freebie comes from smrtdrmmr over at XDA. Long story short: this is an app that you can use to GeoTag a location (actually up to 3) and it then tells you in feet (or KM) and direction how to get back to it.

Why? Ever park your car at a golf course, far, far from the football stadium where you are catching the local game? Did you ever then spend 20 mins trying to then find you car after the game? Yeah, well smrtdrmmr did and when he looked for a WM version of the popular iPhone app "Dude, Where's my Car" and couldn't find one.

So he went home and programmed up his own version.

It's not a pretty program, but darn it all, it works as advertised. In fact, you can tag up to three objects and name each one (see pic above). To use, just launch the app (you'll need .NET CF 3.5) and that'll kick off the GPS automatically. Give it a few seconds to stabilize your coordinates and then hit "Save". Later, re-launch the app and simply click "Find" and follow the directions. Simple!

Hats off to you smrtdrmmr! More info and download here (need to register).