We missed last weeks tip (cocaine is helluva drug), but we'll make it up you by dishing out two tips this week: one today, one tomorrow. Deck?

The first for today is really, really easy but yields a very cool look for your device: Glossy Black Bars

See, in WM6/6.1 when you try to use an all black theme (or any other that you want with black bars--those top and bottom things), you get boring old gray or the old WM5 "flat" bars, which is an interesting but dated look.

A simple way around this is to use EazyVG's simple .exe file. You just plop it on your device, choose any theme (.tsk) and then run "Glossy Black Bars.exe" and you'll device will get those shiny bars like in the pic above.

Neat, eh?

Download from the link to XDA (need to register) or just hop to our WM Software section in the forums where it's an attachment.