Managing space on your WM device is becoming less and less a concern as newer devices are coming with memory aplenty. But still, after a few months of installing and un-installing, storing pictures and documents, that device space can disappear. More importantly, sometimes an app will store cache on your device, depleting memory without your knowledge.

So how to know what is taking up the most space on your device? One way is to use Resco Explorer, which allows you to sort by directory size. Another is MemMaid which can show you memory space.

But both of those are pay apps (though highly recommend). Enter Mobile Monger a new freeware app that has a very unique method to inform you of your space allocation: it shows you.

Basically you launch the program and it shows you how much space something is taking up. Clicking on a directory will "zoom in" to show you details.

The program does require .NET 3.5 (download the .cab here!) and does zap resources, so don't use any other apps during the "scan" process. Redrawing the screen is also a bit slow, but's free and does it what it's suppose to, so give it a shot!

Download HERE

Via PocketNow