So as we know, most 3g-enabled WM hardly have a surfeit of battery power, but we cope.

[rant] What is annoying though is when your Treo 800w hits 25% battery life and literally every freaking 10 minutes, turns on, vibrates and plays a noise to let you know you are getting low on battery.

First off, 25% isn't low...maybe 10% sure. Second, by turning on my device every 10 minutes, vibrating and playing a noise you are not only further killing my battery but you make me want to hurl my phone against the wall. [/rant]

So I found this little registry entry which does three things really...

Read on for this simple hack to make your Treo 800w less annoying! (I'll try to have a non-Treo related tip tomorrow)

Basically this system tweak will allow you to alter three things in regards to the "Low Battery" notification:

  • allows you to alter the "Low Battery Message" to something a bit more funny
  • set the threshold to whatever you want (maybe you think 2% is a bit low?)
  • set the repeat interval, as 10 minutes is quite annoying...100 minutes is better

To do this, fire up your registry editor and go here:



Change "Message" to anything you want i.e. my NSFW message above ;-). This is what is displayed in the popup bubble.

Change "Percent Range" to something more realistic. I went with "10,05" which means at 10% I get a notification and at 5% the device really becomes a pest with the red warning.

Alter "RepeatIntervalSeconds" to anything higher than "600" (10 minutes). I went with "6000" (100 minutes) as I don't really forget that much.

Now do a soft-reset (using software or wait 10 minutes to pull the battery) and you should be good to go!