This week we bring you two exclusive useful addons for you Palm Treo Pro and Treo 800w users.

Treo Pro: MyBeacon 0.1 (early development)

Scottymomo is working on a Mort-script solution to unleashing the power of the center button beacon LED. Right now, all that baby does is alert your to new Voicemail. While useful, why not have it do more, right? Such as alerting you to:

  • New Unread text message
  • New Unread MMS Message
  • New Unread email
  • New Unread email in Flexmail

Treat this one with caution since it's just starting, but it looks promising. Hop into the thread to help out.

Treo 800w: Keylight (toggle KB lights on/off)

Zbop, responsible for the original simplify-YouTube hack on WM, has swooped in to write a quick and simple program to toggle the 800w's keyboard lights on or off.

This is a great way to save a bit more battery during the day, especially since every little bit matters on the 800w.

Bonus: follow Painter's tip on how to map it to the side-key for quick 1-touch toggin' action.