While we're not seeing it just yet ourselves, reports are coming in across the web that for some Xbox One owners the new deal is showing up in the store.

It's over a year old now but EA's online-only, futuristic FPS title still has legions of fans across the globe and this latest development will surely see an influx of new players who didn't buy into it before for whatever reason. Since EA Access is an incredibly low $4.99 a month, there's never been a better chance to try out one of the biggest titles of 2014. Just remember that as it's an online-only title you will need an Xbox Live Gold subscription as well to play it.

EA hasn't said anything official yet on the matter and the title doesn't show up in the EA Access app on the console. But, some folks over on Reddit have shared the picture below showing that this looks like the E3 treat we were promised. Even more remarkable is that EA has previously claimed Titanfall would never make its way inside the vault. Chances are you'll have to wait a bit to take advantage, but keep an eye on your consoles if you've been holding out for this.

Source: Reddit via Titanfall Blog