If for some reason you held off all this time on picking up Titanfall for Xbox One, Microsoft's just given you a reason to grab it. You'll need to be an Xbox Live Gold subscriber, but if you are you'll be able to snag the game with a healthy 50% discount thanks to this weeks Deals with Gold.

It only applies to the Xbox One version of the game, but the deal is live right now in the store for you to download. In the UK that drops the price to £24.99, but fire up your console to check the price in your part of the world.

Not only that, also in Deals with Gold this week is the Titanfall Season Pass with an even more impressive 67% discount. That works out to £6.60 here in the UK, and is certainly worth grabbing while you can if you've maybe been waiting for such a deal.

Source: Xbox Deals with Gold