Respawn Entertainment has now released the third and final DLC pack for its hit sci-fi shooter Titanfall for the Xbox One, adding three new maps to the game for the price of $9.99.

One of the maps is called Backwater, described as being "defined by its elevation changes." Another is called Zone 18, which will have a "fast paced environment with two main sections divided by a central supply path." Finally there is Sand Trap, which gets this description:

"In the center is a buried bunker inspired by the buried architecture in Fracture; this lets Titans stomp around above while pilots scurry below. Across the map are deep trenches that create a well-run highway for pilots; inspired by wall running in Rise they give quick and (relatively) safe routes across the map."

IMC Rising costs $9.99 for Titanfall users, or they can purchase it for $24.99 as part of the Titanfall Season Pass which gives users access to all three map packs. The Xbox 360 version of IMC Rising will be released soon. What do you think of this final map pack for Titanfall.

Source: Titanfall site