Dell Venue 8 Pro

Microsoft has kicked off its 12 Days of Deals today with the Dell Venue 8 Pro starting the festive period of savings. If you're looking to pick up a Windows 8 tablet this holiday season, look no further as this device is currently available for just $199. Full Windows 8.1 tablet for under $200? Where's the purchase button?

Update: Unfortunately, Microsoft's online store appears to be out of Dell Venue 8 Pro stock. We recommend you check with your local Microsoft Store to see if they have units available.

There are two sides to each daily deal in this Microsoft promotion. You have a super saver offer for the first 20 customers at Microsoft Stores, and then an all-day offer for everyone else (including online purchases). For example, with today's Dell Venue 8 Pro, if you were lucky enough to be among the first 20 customers at your local Microsoft Store, you were able to bag the tablet for just $99.

This will be in effect for each deal across the 12 days. We'll have some details up shortly about other offers you'll be able to take advantage of. Here's a shot of a queue outside a Microsoft Store, showing just how many folks were attempting to walk away with a cheap tablet.

Microsoft US Store Deals Queue

So, what are you waiting for? Pop down to your local store or head online to purchase your own Dell Venue 8 Pro for $199. Featuring a IPS display (12800x800), full Windows 8.1 and quad-core Intel Atom processing, we're sure you'll enjoy the tablet as much as our own Daniel Rubino. 

Who's grabbing one?

Source: Microsoft Store; thanks, Harold, for the photo!