Telerik provide Windows Phone 7 developers with a product called RadControls, which is bundled with a number of controls that are reportedly not available in the UI toolbox for WP7. Many apps including the #1 ranked app in the finance category on the Marketplace are developed using these tools and with MyBudget being a finance management tool, it takes full advantage of graphs and other features offered in RadControls.

RadControls is available as a free trial and is purchasable for $399/$499, but you have exactly seven days left in the Telerik sale where the price has been slashed to $99. With this fee you unlimited deployments and full redistribution rights. For an extra $100 you get free major updates and the source code.

In the image above you will see a ToDo app that was built using RadControls. Telerik have dedicated a section of the WP7 website to aid start-up developers with creating apps and how to bring everything together. There are a number of blog posts covering this ToDo app and how it was designed/developed using the tools available. The option to download the source code (and wireframe PDF) is also available to see how everything connects behind the UI.

Check out a video showcasing some apps using the software, as well as a mention of the Telerik Examples app in the Marketplace after the break. 

If you have your device at hand, why not download Telerik Examples? The toolkit effectively shows off the WP7 UI components they've created and the source code of the graphs, gauges, lists and more is all presently available within the app. You can get the app (Zune link) from the Marketplace for no cost at all.

Source: Telerik, via: WMPU