My cat is fancier than yours

With the advent of Aviary's SDK for Windows Phone today we're still on this "photo kick" here at Windows Phone Central. So we're delighted to find this little free gem simply called Top Hats for Fancy Cats which allows you to dress up your furry felines. Or your friends and family.

The app is like many of the other photo overlay tools out there but this one has an extremely large collection of "fancy" wears. From monocles to canes, from top hats to elaborate backgrounds, this app will allow you to dress up everyone and anyone to the nines.

It's of course free with ads and inspired by the Reddit community who like the kittehs (see this post for an example). What can we say other than it's done well and is great for a laugh?

Why look at our lil' Zoe all fancied up!

Pick up Top Hats for Fancy Cats here in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

via: Reddit

QR: Top Hats for Fancy Cats