The developers of Bike Mania is offering a car crushing Windows Phone game over at the Marketplace. Top Trucks places you in the driver's seat of various Monster Trucks with the goal of collecting tokens and crushing cars along the way.

The multi-level game offers four different trucks, ten re-playable levels and plenty of jumps and rock obstacles to negotiate around. There's even a crowd meter to measure how excited the crowd is about your performance.

Top Trucks

Trucks are controlled by directional arrows and your balance can be controlled one of two ways. You can use the phone's accelerometer or by an on-screen slider. In using the accelerometer you simply tilt your phone to the right or left to lean forwards or backwards. The on-screen slider appears to the lower left corner while the directional arrows line up along the lower right. In playing Top Trucks, I found the accelerometer is the best way to control balance but others may see things differently.

All in all Top Trucks is an entertaining, fun pass-the-time-with game for your Windows Phone.  The only downside to Top Trucks is that it needs more levels.  Top Trucks comes in two versions in the Windows Phone Marketplace; a free ad-supported version that you can find here and a $.99 ad-free version that you can find here.  Keep in mind, Top Trucks is a Mango app so you'll need to update your Windows Phone.