Toshiba has become "re-energized" by Windows 8.1 and has two new touchscreen devices at IFA 2013 to show their commitment. The company has just announced an 8-inch tablet entitled the "Encore" and a 13-inch hybrid tablet notebook entitled the "Satellite Click".

The Encore tablet is an 8-inch full Windows 8 tablet powered by an Intel Atom Bay Trail processor, which tells us this tablet was built to be portable – not a small workhorse. Toshiba aimed at a minimalistic design with a plain silver backing and black screen border; the brand name is stamped on both the front and back, but other than that, the tablet is clean of markings.

Toshiba has decided to include a few ports including a headphone jack, HDMI out port, and Micro USB charging port – once again, not a workhorse device. Spokesmen from the company told our friends at The Verge that "smaller is where it’s at" and that is where they have aimed the Encore tablet.

Toshiba Click

If tablets aren’t your fancy and you prefer a cool hybrid style notebook – the Toshiba Satellite Click just might be more appealing. The unit is a 13 inch laptop with a detachable keyboard for when you are on the go. With a $599 price point, the unit has been aimed at the budget market and is packed internally to match. The unit houses an AMD A4 processor and a 1366 x 768 display; working on a tablet all day means we would usually want a much higher res unit, but for the price – it isn’t bad.

Toshiba also squeezed their Satellite NB15T notebook on board as a PC alternative to the popular Apple MacBook Air. The thin and light NB15T (where naming was obviously not the marketing team’s strongpoint) will feature an Intel Celeron processor, a 500 GB HDD and 4 GB of RAM.

Source: The Verge