A bit ago we reported on a "slide to unlock" application for your Windows Mobile phones, S2U2. One of the more common remarks  heard when people see S2U2's unlock screen is "Wow, just like the iPhone." which, for some, is synonymous to fingernails scratching a chalkboard.

XDA Developer member demonizator, has developed TPro v1.0.0, a skin for S2U2 that gives the application a Touchflo 3D appearance for those prefer less of a iPhonish appearance.  The application is still in the Beta stage but works nicely.  In using TPro on the AT&T Fuze, I only experienced one brief delay when unlocking the phone.  Otherwise, the Today Screen popped up instantly.  I have to admit, I like the appearance a little better than the stock S2U2 appearance.

You do need to turn off S2U2 before installing TPro and there is a separate .cab file to uninstall the skin.  So if you like the concept of a slide to unlock application but don't want to loose the Touchflo feel, TPro might be worth a look.

[Read: FuzeMobility]