Train Trouble is a Windows Phone game that has you playing the role of switch-man on board a locomotive. Your job is to hit the switches and direct the train around the maze of tracks to the local stations to pick up passengers.

And you have quit a maze of tracks to navigate around. The quicker you pick up the passengers, the more points you earn. You have to be careful not to let a station get full of passengers. When that happens, game over.

There are four tracks that are progressively unlocked as you earn more points. Some tracks involve multiple trains which adds to the challenge in that you have to avoid those pesky head on collisions. You control the train movement by tapping the train to stop it, tap it to get it moving and tap it a third time to get a boost of speed.

Settings are basic to control sound and music. You can also personalize your train name to give your placement on the online leaderboard a more personal touch.

I wanted to like Train Trouble but the pace is slow and track junctions can only shift in one direction. There will be times you have to take the long way around to get to a train station and that can be painful. The game needs a boost by either enlarging the train and tracks, have the switches go both directions, add an accelerator to the train, or maybe throw in a cow or two.  The game has potential but needs a little more gusto.

All in all, Train Trouble is a decent puzzle game for your Windows Phone but it lacks enough zing to keep you interested beyond 15 minutes or so.  Train Trouble is a free, ad-supported game that you can download here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.