TRAINR for Windows Phone

We first mentioned the TRAINR app for Windows Phone nearly a year ago as a solid way to help motive people to go work out with a series of challenges and routines. This week, the app got updated with new support for the Microsoft Band wearable.

Here's a quick recap of the app's main features:

"Challenge yourself with our Challenge mode and try to beat your best score, or use our Workout mode and choose from 4 professionally designed multi-day routines that will walk you through specific exercises and rest periods created specifically for strength, endurance, cardio, and circuit training. And when you're finished, share your completed workouts online."

While this week's update doesn't offer much in the way of details, Microsoft's Blogging Windows site does have some more information:

"From push-ups, to pull-ups, jumping jacks, jogging, and even yoga poses, the Microsoft Band will now automatically recognize your exercise movements when you're working out with the app."

We will be doing a new review of the TRAINR app with its additional feature in the very near future.

Download TRAINR from the Windows Phone Store