Trapster for Windows Phones

Trapster is finally making the move to Windows Phone. For those not familiar, Trapster first came onto the scene back in the Windows Mobile days (here's our review from way back when) and is a rather interesting app.  The driving app has left the Beta Stage and is headed to the open Marketplace.

Trapster is a social network app for your Windows Phone designed to alert you of speed traps and other road hazards. Trapster relies on a network of over 15 million users who have reported a total of 5 million Traps to date. Keep in mind though, Trapster isn't intended to help you skirt the long arm of the law but rather drive more safely.

Along with reporting the Traps you see via the convenient Report button, Trapster will also have these features:

  • Speedometer that tracks your speed and changes colors from orange to red to indicate the amount you are driving over the set speed limit.
  • Sound Themes that includes Knight Rider, Yogi the Bear, and Austin Powers.
  • Support for six languages including English, French, German, Portuguese, Arabic and Spanish.
  • Support for Terrain or Satellite map views.
  • NAVTEQ Traffic integration to provide real time traffic and incident alerts.
  • Map indicators or Patrol Lines to show where other Trapster users have traveled.
  • Map support for user selected Points of Interest.

Trapster information and services can also be accessed through their website at We have been told Trapster will be available on the Windows Phone Marketplace within the next day or so.

Trapster is expected be a free app and we'll update the post with the link once it goes live.

Update: Well that didn't take long.  Trapster just went live over at the Marketplace.  It is a free app for your Windows Phone and you can find it here.

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