Boom! I've experienced this issue and always chalked it up to WMW (Windows Mobile Weirdness), but apparently it's just straight-up tomfoolery from Palm. See, with the Treo 750 (and yes, I also had similar issues with the 750v), sometimes alarms, alerts, and rings would just not happen. It was annoying and whenever I'd discovered that I'd missed a call it would send me on a two hour bugfix rampage that would make me feel better about myself and my (then new to me) platform but wouldn't actually fix the problem.

Well Joy - Palm has released a patch in the form of a relatively small .cab file. Note that it's not a ROM update, so you will need to remember to reinstall it if you do a hard reset. And really, aren't we better off that Palm didn't try to roll out a ROM update anyway?

One assumes that if Palm and AT&T ever get around to giving us that promised Windows Mobile 6 update, this'll be rolled into it as well.

Go getcher update here, complete with the sad story explaining why the error was allowed to happen in the first place.

An Audio  Alerts software update for the Treo 750 smartphone from AT&T is now available. Occasionally the Treo 750 can enter a state where sounds are lost for phone calls and notifications. This can result in missed calls and notifications.

(via Mobility Sitee)