A lot of people were pinning their Windows Mobile 6 for the Treo 750 hopes on a wireless conference in Australia. Well, the announcement came - and it was that Palm was going to provide Windows Mobile 6 to Australian Treo 750 users. Move along, nothing new here. Told ya so! Not here, though, but in the TreoCentral TreoCast.

Except I lie. This time, Palm has provided dates. Check it out (emphasis below mine)

But unlike all of us hoped, it's indeed a local launch in Australia ([but not] yet)! Hutchison 3 customers in Australia can download the free update from mid-August from Palm's Australian website. Other customers will be able to download the update from early September.

Read: the::unwired

So "mid-August" for some Aussies, and "early September" for "other customers." Are those other customers other Australian customers, or just any old "old customer" like, um, AT&T customers. Lord I hope so, because I'm getting sick of waiting for the official release, which by all measures is ready to go.

We saw a Treo 750 running Windows Mobile 6 in March. The leaked ROM works, works well in fact, and is fully AT&T branded. I don't care if you've had a rough time with ROM releases in the past, just release it already!