Update: We have a couple of Treo 750vs lying about, so we downloaded the update. I just tried to install it on an AT&T Treo 750 and the software wouldn't let me - unsupported device. Bummer. So don't bend over backwards to try to grab this update if you're an AT&T customer - sit tight for the official release. Like you haven't been already.

What's the deal? First Australia gets WM6 on a Treo 750, now Europe is getting it too. When Palm first released the Treo 750, they said that dropping the antenna was important for the European market, thereby implying that us neanderthals in the US didn't care about the gigantic thumb-like obelisk sticking out of the top of the then-available-in-the-US Treos. What, we can't handle Windows Mobile 6 on a Treo either? It's just too.. too.... sophisticated. Pah! Where's the love, Palm?

The love, I suspect, is completely sucked dry by AT&T, who clearly is the hold up here. I had previously assumed they'd release WM6 for the Blackjack, Treo 750, and the 8525 at the same time, so the Blackjack's rumored date of Sept 17th is a good bet. Or you could, you know, get googling on the leaked Windows Mobile 6 on Treo 750 ROM, which is peachy.

Anyhow, if you're in Europe or have a Treo 750v (the "v" is for "Vodaphone"), you can get the official update here.

Palm also released its Windows Mobile 6 upgrade in Europe - at the moment for the Vodafone Treo 750v only and available right from now for UK, Irish and Dutch users. The generic, non branded Treo 750 upgrade for the rest of Europe is expected to be released during September

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