Ah the Treo 800w, so long rumored yet now almost everyday a new nugget of info leaks out.

Today, courtesy of BGR, we get some traditional "I have a new unreleased techno device but I can't use a camera" shots of the 800w. Nothing unusual or great about them, though the last shot is somewhat nice as it squishes the 800w between a 6800 and a Samsung Upstage.

Conclusion: it seems to be a hair thinner than the 6800, but perhaps that is being generous.

Speaking of info, the latest, updated specs for that 800w are listed below...

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  • MSM-6800 chipset
  • After OS: ~100mb of Program Memory / ~170mb of Storage Memory
  • WM 6.1 (5.2.1944)
  • ARM1136 processor
  • WiFi
  • Rubberized feel to final device
  • Dedicated Wifi button on top
  • Micro-USB connector
  • 2.1mp camera

We'll be keeping our running tabs on those specs here in our forums.

Which leads us finally into the first known "video review" of the 800w coming from Charles Knight.

Perhaps a bit mean? Yes. Hilarious? Definitely (though we feel bad for laughing).

Ouch. Palm is now the geeky, awkward kid in class (but who is also smart and reliable) Eh, either way here at WMExperts we know a few of us will be grabbing the device no matter what the cool and popular kids say ;-)

Thanks to Bigchris and CGK for the tips in our forums!