My. Oh. My. Take a look at what jrinehart has posted up in the TreoCentral Forums:

Our analysis is a little difficult to express because it's colored over with an overwhelming sense of relief. Relief that it's really possible that Palm means to give us a 320x320 Treo on Windows Mobile, on a CDMA Network (Sprint), without an antenna. We'll try to put that aside for the moment and say this:

Yes, we fully expect a Treo 800w from Palm in the near future. Yes, the look of this device is an interesting meld of the Treo 500v (and Centro) and the Classic Treo look. Yes, it does in fact look like it's been stretched horizontally a bit and could very well be a photoshop job.

Even so, Yes, we want to believe. Let the Silly Season begin again!

Attached is a pic of the 800w from my solutions engineer at Sprint. He is going to send me an actual picture of a real live device when he gets a chance. They have started the hardware beta of the device and I should get to see one next month during a Sprint meeting. It is also rumored to be at a Sprint solutions show on Oct. 25th here in my home town. If it is, I will be sure to get some photos of it there and post them soon as I can.

Read: Treo 800w. I just held one. Thanks to Malatesta for the tip!

Update: Over at the post at TreoCentral on this subject, the TC team has ginned up a version of the image that isn't so wide, but instead is shrunk down to more believable proportions. Take a peek at it after the break and see if it doesn't make you believe in the 800w a bit more.

Click for full size. We manipulated the proportions of the 800w image, making the keyboard match the width of an existing Treo 750 and squaring the screen. Also included for reference is a Treo 500v and a Palm Centro.