Pictured at right, the PalmOS Treo 755p on Sprint. Shuffle some branding and, er, the Operating System and I strongly suspect you'll be looking at the new Treo 800w on Verizon. Palm has long said that they want to standardize their hardware so they don't have to keep redesigning products in order to put PalmOS or WM on it. The rumored 800w looks to be the fruits of that standardization.

Or so I think, being relatively steeped in Palm lore. So, going with the same assumption that the 800w will share the same hardware as the 755p (much in the same way that the 700w and the 700p are nearly identical), we should expect this new Verizon 800w to have:

  • 320x320 resolution touchscreen (joy!)
  • Antenna-less design
  • EVDO, but likely not Rev A (boo!)
  • A decent 312mhz processor
An unnamed source on HowardForums has posted what is supposedly a timetable of upcoming releases for Verizon. This lists a previously unknown device, the Palm Treo 800w.If this information is correct, this model will launch on September 13, after having been moved back from August 27.

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