We might have to wait until freaking August for the Treo 800w to land, but when it does we won't be stuck using that annoying “Athena” connector. Although we knew that Palm was ditching their horrible connector for something else, we'd been hearing various reports on what the bottom connector would be on the Treo 800w -- USB, HTC's wacky mini-USB + Audio, or something that was “like USB but wasn't.”

Well, we can put that little argument to rest now. Signs point to Palm using micro-USB. What signs? Well, micro-USB is to be the new mobile standard as per the Open Mobile Terminal Platform. Why else? Check this, try a little search for 3291ww and see what pops up: the “Palm 3291ww Vehicle Charger Micro USB.” Could be a mistake or a coincidence, but if so, it's an awfully widespread one. We're going out on a limb and calling this one: Micro USB.

The fact that accessories for the Treo 800w seem to be out there for purchase many months ahead of the scheduled release of the device itself is perhaps a bit disheartening, though. Dare we suggest that this implies that we're looking at a delayed device?

Goodbye Athena, you were a horrible connector, but at least you were consistent (on Treos) for a few years. Hello Micro USB.

(p.s. yes, we're completely and totally obsessed, but at least this rumor has more substance to it than a sighting on a Bank's website.)