Engadget has scored some leaked spec sheets and training materials on the Treo 800w. There's nothing new here, as the Treo 800w has basically already reached overexposed status on the internet. We're still expecting it on July 13th (slightly earlier for corporate customers) for $249.99 with contract. It still sports some very decent specs: Windows Mobile 6.1, threaded SMS (by Palm, not the WinMo version), 320x320 touch screen, WiFi, ugly debatable looks, and a size that's Centro-esque but with a more usable keyboard.

Engadget notes the lack of MMS, an aspect of WinMo on Sprint we've often bemoaned in the past. Sprint has promised to rectify the situation, but that was before they started hemorrhaging subscribers and before they began their Samsung Instinct Blitz. In other words, we wouldn't be entirely surprised if Sprit has taken their eyes off the MMS on Windows Mobile Ball.

Update: We lie. There is something new here. Check out the screenshot of the Treo 800w today screen at right. In addition to the standard Windows Live Search field, it appears that Palm has replaced their first-to-market, on-the-Today Screen search field with something new, an on-the-Today Screen local search field. There's a field for what you want and a 2nd field for “nearby,” which you could perhaps change to something else. The icon on the left of the area appears to be a Windows Icon, which means that this smells a lot like it uses the Live Search app. Also notable, we suppose, is the tethering status icon in the upper right, so that will also be fully supported. Nice touches, Palm.