Thanks to Vyruz Reaper via SprintUsers, we have what appears to be the release chart for upcoming Sprint devices and lo and behold, the Treo 800w is smack on there for a July release (crosses fingers).

Could we at least get a new mock-up already? Yeesh...

Welp, looks like my dreams of WM 6.1 have been shattered (sheds tear) but all the other rumored features are still there:

  • WM 6.0
  • EvDO Rev A
  • WiFi
  • Autonomous GPS
  • Camera & non-camera versions

(Edit: although you do have to wonder...the date of the chart, according to the source who leaked it is actually Feb 19th, so this might not be the latest info. Wm 6.1 might not be ruled out since this pre-dates any official announcement by MS--stay tuned!)

Anywho, hop back in our contest and get the EXACT date right and you may just win one ;-)