Well, looks like Palm has a busted dam as leaks are appearing everywhere these days

BGR managed to get some exclusive first shots at the GSM Treo 850 (expected for Vodafone this summer) and we gotta say...looking sharp!

Of course the question now arises: why does the 850 look so cool and yet the 800w looks so...."eh"? Heck, it even looks quite...dare we say...thin.

The only specs known so far are it that is 100mb of RAM (post OS, like the 800w--so 128mb stock) and a 400mhz processor. Also, it's sporting the Centro-style soft keyboard, has two-shift keys (ahem!!!) and what looks to be a Wifi button on the side. Natch.

In addition, from that Vodafone roadmap, it stated that this device would have:

  • Quad-band GSM
  • Windows Mobile 6.1
  • 320x320 Flush (!) screen
  • 2mp camera
  • 1500 mAh battery (huge!)
  • GPS, WiFi (!), Bluetooth 2.0

(Palm, any chance of swapping out the 800w's guts and shoving them in the 850s hot bod?)

Look for this to drop later this summer on Vodafone, probably with a brief exclusive and then a general GSM roll out thereafter.

One more pic after the jump (side shot compared to BB 8800...fight!)

Thanks Phil750 for spotting this in our forums.

Update: Yes, it is running WM 6.1 Professional, that is this is a Touchscreen device, despite what others are saying. Pro devices have "OK" buttons and softkey support ;-)