How's your Treo Pro treating you? A perusal of our forums show many of our members have received theirs and reports are coming in:

  • The keyboard is a bit too small for some
  • The speakerphone is pretty darn good
  • Like the Treo 750, the Treo Pro does not have a “Full Power Down” option, just airplane mode.
  • There's a bug that I've run into -- I've also seen it in the forums but can't find the post just now: with the screen saver clock enabled, there's a stutter every minute or two in audio, which has led many of us to disable this otherwise great feature
  • Speed is decent enough, but several users who came over from the very speedy Q9h have noticed it's not as fast.
  • Reception is quality, really very good for most
  • Although most folks (myself included) have reported excellent battery life, that's not universal. In particular, it might have the same sorts of AT&T network hassles that have affected the Blackberry Bold. Talk time should be up in the four hour range, but this user can't reach three hours.
  • One last bit: while the 2MP camera on the Treo Pro holds up decently enough with good lighting, in dim lighting the thing is nigh-useless. Thanks to The Cell Phone Junkie, Mickey Papillon for reminding me to write about that.

How about you? Got a Treo Pro? Loving it?