Yep, we have the Treo Pro in-hand even as I write this. You can check out the video above, or better: head on over to TreoCentral for the “Big screen” version of the Video along with a gigantic Treo Pro photo gallery comparing the Treo Pro with:

  • the Treo 750
  • the Treo 800w
  • the Centro
  • the iPhone 3G
  • the BlackBerry Bold
  • the AT&T Tilt
  • the HTC Diamond
  • the Motorola Q9h

We're a little Treo Pro'd out here at WMExperts, truth be told. You can expect a review from us later next week. In the meantime, go ahead and ask whatever you'd like to know about the Pro here -- we'll do our best to cover everything you want to know in that review!