Over at TreoCentral, Jennifer notes that she's getting reader reports that the Treo Pro is shipping. Indeed, a spot check on Palm's store page indicates that they have it “IN STOCK” and it should ship in a day or two. Presumably folks who pre-ordered are first in line.

Where by “presumably” we mean “it better be the case that” and by “first in line” we mean “hurry up and ship it” ...because we're currently Treo-Pro-Less at WMEHQ and not enjoying it.

If you haven't yet, go on and read our comprehensive Treo Pro Review. It will work out pretty nicely, because if the Treo Pros are indeed shipping today, you'll finish up around the same time you receive yours.

Update: We've added the dreaded question mark to the title -- some screens on the Palm store are still showing pre-order, our order status is not very reassuring, and our man George Ponder is currently on the phone with Palm's Customer Service (what a trooper!) and they're ...not sure.

UPdate 2: Ok, despite what we posted today about Palm's official response, it does appear that the Treo Pro will begin shipping tomorrow. Myself and several readers have received notices that the Pros are in stock, and will be shipping tomorrow. Can we stop posting Treo Pro Shipping stories now, Palm? KTHX Send us a Treo Pro!