Prolific Windows Phone publisher Game Troopers has announced its next title for the platform. It's called Trucking 3D and it will offer players a simulation on driving a number of vehicles to help construct different buildings.

Game Troopers has already publishers a trailer for Trucking 3D and it definitely has a cartoony art style. Here's a brief description:

"In this game you drive all kind of trucks and transport construction materials. Embark on a mission to construct different buildings and drive around in a variety of vehicles, from rusty old pick up trucks to shiny new American 18 Wheelers. Enjoy the colorful and cartoonish graphics and maneuver your truck in a lively 3D environment while completing your missions."

There's no word on when Trucking 3D will be released in the Windows Phone Store, but it should be pretty soon. In the meantime, be sure to let your voice be heard in our forum as the publisher is still looking for opinions on what setting their next major Windows Phone game should have. Game Troopers will give out unlock codes for some of their current games as prizes for a few lucky forum voters.

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Source: Game Troopers (YouTube)