Good news for those on Windows Phone 8 or just use Tunein Radio, as you can now download version 2.3 from the Store.

The popular streaming radio app was “hidden” from Windows Phone 8 users due to compatibility problems but we were able to now download and load it up. The app has not been updated for Windows Phone 8 in the sense that it does not have new graphics, fast resume, doublewide Tile or anything cool—it just “works” now.  We put works in quotes because we still find some stations are hit and miss, but the majority are there and do play.

We’re still not fans of Tunein’s design too much—everything seems a little too tiny (they’d be better served by using a Tile system for the menu), but the app at least looks decent.  But like we said, you can use the app on your new phone and hopefully the Tunein team will now focus on some proper Windows Phone 8 features. Streaming radio is even more important on Windows Phone 8 due to the fact that FM HD radio is evidently no longer supported or included.

Grab Tunein Radio version 2.3 (though it may say 2.2) from the Store here. Thanks, Brenda, for the tip!

QR: TuneIn