TVShow for Windows Phone

Besides making his 6 series of apps, Rudy Huyn has long had another app on Windows Phone called TVShow. The app lets you pick your favorite show, track its episodes, air dates, synopsis and more. The app even has some nifty lock screen action and as usual, comes with the excellent visual design we expect from Huyn.

Today, after a very long time, that app has picked up a minor but significant update. Bumping to version 2.33, the refreshed app just adds the new API. This small improvement should naturally allow improved performance in data pulling from and synchronization. integration had broken a few months back, leaving many users frustrated. Today's update should finally fix that issue. Unfortunately, the app's looks have not changed nor are there any new features.

Regardless, if you are a long time user, at least now works again.

Do you use a different tracking app for your TV shows? Let us know which ones and why you prefer it in comments!

Download TVShow for Windows Phone (Free version)

Download TVShow for Windows Phone (Ad-free with trial)

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