Tweet It!

The developer of Tweet It! has announced that an update for the Universal Windows 10 app is currently being published to the Store and has been submitted for approval. This latest version includes a number of bug fixes, as well as optimizations to help improve the overall user experience.

Here's the full list of changes for version 2.1.2:

  • Improved CPU and RAM usage (this is 1st part of updates aiming to reduce CPU and RAM usage)
  • Tap on toast notitfication will when app is running will show notification content
  • Added ability to reset app
  • Fixed bug when refresh button become disabled
  • Improved blur effect
  • Fixed bug when text input when composing message become hidden by virtual keyboard
  • Fixed bug when sometimes usernames in tweets were not highlighted
  • Improved new/old followers check on launch
  • Added ability save pictures directly to "saved pictures" folder with one click

It's a neat update and one that follows on from the most recent release that added 64-bit support. As noted already, if you haven't already got it, version 2.1.2 should be made available for download shortly!

Download Tweet It! for Windows 10

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