We covered TweetCaster "lite" before, the free, ad-support Twitter client which was popularized on Android. The app was temporarily pulled from the Marketplace, we believe, because they didn't setup their Ad service correctly (and support never got back to us on the matter, thanks guys!).

Now the company has released a "Pro" version with no ads and get this, no new features. That's all fine and dandy, but they have the audacity to charge $4.99 for the privilege of having no ad banner. Hey, the Lite version is nice and all (though hardly special or unique, not even a Live Tile) and it does rate at a decent 3.5 stars in the Marketplace, but $4.99?

Listen, even we're not dumb enough to buy this app to test for you folks as that's just a ludicrous price for mediocrity. They didn't even have the decency to update their pics for the Pro version...it still shows ads. But hey, if you must have it, here's the link.