The last couple of days have been frustrating ones for Tweetium users, as there have been some pretty major issues with image uploads. Turns out Twitter broke something and instead of waiting for a fix their end, the developers of Tweetium have pushed out an update that should take care of it.

  • Temporarily revert to the legacy photo upload API for single photo posts
  • This is to work around Twitter's currently broken media upload API.
  • Note that multi-photo posts will still fail until Twitter fixes their bug.
  • Improved error handling for photo upload errors (such as Twitter's current "over capacity" errors)
  • Several small performance tweaks

So, Twitter breaks something so Tweetium has reverted to an older API to keep us able to share our photos. So far, so good, but as noted multi-image uploads aren't working. Grab it from the Windows and Windows Phone stores at the links below, though there doesn't seem to be an update for the Windows 8.1 version right now.

QR: Tweetium

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