One of our favorite third-party Twitter apps, Tweetium, has just been updated for both Windows Phone and Windows 8.1. The new version has a fairly long change log, which includes word that the app now allows for videos that are embedded in tweets to be viewed:

Here's what's new in the 3.2.5 version:

  • Support for viewing videos (including from animated GIFs) embedded in tweets
  • This uses new support for Twitter which is still rolling out, so may not be available in all cases yet.
  • Fixed some cases where the AppBar could disappear or appear unexpectedly when switching views with conversations expanded.
  • Returning to a tab with a thread expanded now shows the thread more quickly and restores reply state
  • Tapping the navbar tab for the current view dismisses any expanded reader tiles in addition to scrolling to the top
  • Fixed handling of the back button when expanding additional conversations from links/timestamps on top of each other
  • Fixed a bug where old cache data left over from beta builds could be loaded in rare connectivity loss or rate limit scenarios

Just a reminder: Tweetium costs $2.99 and once you buy it for one version, you get the other for free. You can also purchase Tweetium Pro to enable some extra features

QR: Tweetium

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