The recently launched beta test of the Tweetium third party Twitter app for Windows Phone 8.1 got an update last night that adds the first stab at support for the Cortana digital assistant feature.

Basically, the new beta version now allows users who also have Cortana to say "Tweetium tweet" into their smartphone, followed by the message, to quickly send their tweet to their Twitter account. The new Build 230 version also fixes a number of bugs in the app.

Just a reminder: this Windows Phone 8.1 beta version is intended to be downloaded and used only by paid owners of Tweetium for Windows 8. If that's the case, then feel free to download the app from the Windows Phone Store and later provide any freeback you might have to the UserVoice page or to Tweetium developer Brandon Paddock (@BrandonLive) directly on Twitter.

QR: Tweetium

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