Popular UK-based ticket exchange service Twickets ( enables consumers to trade their unwanted event tickets, handy for anyone who can't attend an event they've already paid for. Currently there are apps available for iOS and Android, but the official Twitter account has confirmed a Windows Phone client is well on the way.

Twickets WP

Those who aren't familiar with the brand, here's how the system works:

  1. Sell your spare tickets through the Twickets app, or by tweeting the details to @Twickets
  2. The details are then posted to the Twickets community of over 100,000 people
  3. Buy tickets by following the stream through the Twickets app or @Twickets on Twitter
  4. Contact the seller and arrange a ticket exchange directly

It's a neat service, especially if you're after events that are sold out or have a ticket you can't use on the day and wish to get rid. We'll keep our eyes open and will update you all once the official app comes to the Windows Phone Store.

Source: Twitter (Twickets)