What a strange week it's been for Trinket Software, the developer of Twikini.

We haven't heard much from them since March and at the time seemed pretty gung-ho about their upcoming Windows Phone 7 Twitter application. Then out of nowhere they chime in about the upcoming Twitter API change, noting that they have no plans to fix the current version of Twikini. A few hours later, they are talking about making Twikini open-source.

Now we get word that they want out and are looking to sell the company.


We're not sure what happened to Trinket, they had some very creative programs and seemed to nearly own the Twitter market (Bill Gates is even a fan). We're quite sad to see them go, wish the developer the best of luck and hope that someone caries on the torch. Then again, it seems most Twikini owners were rightlfully T.O'd about not getting their software updated--which we totally agree with.

Either way, the company is now up for bid right here. SPBResco? For Twitter's sake, someone buy the damn company so we can continue to see that lil' fishbowl icon on our phones! Pleeeeeasee!?

Update: as noted in comments, the auction site basically explains why Trinket is up for auction. The long and short of it is: currently no enough income to support their developers and their code needs to be re-written for WP7, something they are currently not up to doing.

Goes to show how rough it can be to do this kind of thing.