The Twitch app for the Xbox One console has received a major update today that adds video-on-demand support for the first time, along with new search filters to help users find the gameplay broadcasts that they want to watch.

Microsoft says:

"Xbox One is the first platform which brings a full-featured Twitch app including video on demand. You'll begin to see highlights and past broadcasts available to watch at any time, even when the broadcaster is offline."

The new search filters will differ for each game that are streamed on the Twitch app. For example, folks who want to watch Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare videos can search for the ones that have the highest kill/death ratio, or by the types of cars in Forza Horizon 2 clips. Microsoft says:

"This new Twitch experience also helps up-and-coming broadcasters find audiences. After all, if you're one of the best players of a game, yet you're brand new to Twitch, you could quickly attract attention as viewers filter by skill."

Finally, the new Twitch Xbox One update lets users follow specific games or channels for the first time and Twitch broadcasters now have new profile pages.

Source: Xbox Wire

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